The Xcaper filter & mask will protect you from deadly gases & smoke inhalation and will allow you to work under hazardous conditions

  • Structural Overhaul
  • Wildland Fires
  • Arson Investigations
  • Police
  • Swat
  • EMT

On behalf of the Officers and Staff of the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department, I wish to commend  you and your Xcaper Industries for the quality of your Xcaper Filters. 2 years ago, we purchased and issued Manta 30 masks and Xcaper filters for all personnel. Since that time, not a single case of respiratory difficulty has been reported while using the Xcaper system.

-  HAL R. PAGEL - Fire Chief



Professional Applications    

The Xcaper Filter is essential in a variety of applications and situations.

Wildland Fire Fighting

Xcaper smoke filters were originally developed for use by Wildland Firefighters.  Firefighters in wildlands are unable to use the traditional SCBA.  However, they are exposed to the same dangerous toxins and particulate matter that occur in structural fires.  Xcaper provides protection while being lightweight and easy to use.

Structural Overhaul

During structural overhaul firefighters continue to be exposed to dangerous gases and toxins.  Many firefighters choose to not wear their traditional SCBA protection as they consider it too cumbersome in this work environment.  The Xcaper smoke filter is easy to use and lightweight, thus allowing firefighters to work unencumbered and complete their job in a shorter amount of time.

Controlled Burns

Like wildland fires, controlled burns result in exposure to carbon monoxide and dangerous particulate matter and gases.  The Xcaper smoke filter provides protection while affording the firefighter mobility to restrict to movement of controlled burns.

Arson Investigation

Arson investigators are forced to perform exacting and detailed work in small or confined environments.  The very nature of this work requires that the arson investigator look for the causes of fires immediately after they have been extinguished.  Unfortunately, toxic gases and fumes are still present and are a danger to these professionals.  Xcaper smoke filters provide respiratory protection while the arson investigator performs his work.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is often faced with the challenge of performing their job in an environment where fire is present..  This is not just limited to saving civilian lives from fire but also directing traffic in areas where severe smoke is present.  Also, some S.W.A.T. teams have used Xcaper smoke filter during bust of Methamphetamine Labs because Xcaper technology protects against the harmful vapors in those environments.



Be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster – Protect your lungs and life with the Xcaper Emergency Mask. This simple to use filter mask will help you survive

  • High Rise Building
  • Work Environment
  • Medical Building
  • Subway
  • Train
  • House
  • Boat
  • Cruises
  • Campus or Dormitory
  • Wildland Fires
  • Hyper Sensitivity Protection
  • Radioactive Particles Filtration
  • Airplane
  • 5 Year shelf life, last for hours. One size fits all and easy to use and store.
  • Same technology that the professional firefighters and police man use!