The Xcaper filter & mask will protect you from deadly gases & smoke inhalation and will allow you to work under hazardous conditions

  • Structural Overhaul
  • Wildland Fires
  • Arson Investigations
  • Police
  • Swat
  • EMT

On behalf of the Officers and Staff of the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department, I wish to commend  you and your Xcaper Industries for the quality of your Xcaper Filters. 2 years ago, we purchased and issued Manta 30 masks and Xcaper filters for all personnel. Since that time, not a single case of respiratory difficulty has been reported while using the Xcaper system.

-  HAL R. PAGEL - Fire Chief




Recent Stories

Southern California Wildfires

The Southern California Wildfires have put the Xcaper filter to the test.  Once again firefighters were able to work longer and more effectively while using Xcaper filters with Whiffs and Manta X masks.  Below are a series of articles and pictures showing Xcaper in action.

USA Today Front Page


Firefighter Safety

The July/August NFPA Journal published an article stating that in 2006 38% of firefighter deaths were due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Heart Attack) [NFPA PieChart].  You’ll see from the articles below that one of the causes of Sudden Cardiac arrest is now thought to be Cyanide poisoning.  Cyanide poisoning can be prevented simply by the firefighter using their SCBA’s or an Xcaper filter with patented Whiffs technology.


June 2009
Edmonton Sun E-edition
'Line of duty death'
Edmonton article

 April 2008 News
3 die in Colorado wildfires; storm could aid firefighters news article

August 2007
Industrial Fire World Magazine
Carbon Monoxide or Cyanide?
Industrial Fire World Magazine Article

April 2007
PEAC Aristatek Newsletter
Hydrogen Cyanide Poisoning from Inhalation of Smoke Produced in Fires
PEAC Aristatek Newsletter Article


April 2007
Cyanide poisoning poses hidden threat news article

December 2006
Cyanide antidote kit gains federal approval news article

 Personal Fire Safety

 The American Red Cross calls Home Fires, “America’s Biggest Disaster Threat.”  Below are a series of articles about the threat of fire and ways that you can protect yourself.  We recommend that you purchase a Xcaper Emergency Mask Kit for every member of your family.

September 2009
Frequent Flier: Always Mindful of Finding the Nearest Exit
This former Secret Service agent never uses our name but talks about carrying his Xcaper filter and lithium flashlight while flying. We are the only filter available that uses an aloe vera derivative as a filtering medium.

June 2008
Californians warns of smoke threat as 1,000 fires burn news article

October 2007
My Way News
Campus Mourns 7 Killed in N.C. Fire
Associated Press from

September 2007
New York Real Estate Journal
The Xcaper Emergency Mask makes a difference when it comes to surviving in a smoke filled env.
NY Real Estate Journal

January 2006
Why Are So Many College Students Dying in Fires? news article

July 2005
Daily Examiner
Traveling Safely
Daily Examiner news article

July 2005

New York Post

Terror strike scare firms 
New York Post news article

July 2005
Time Magazine
Protecting the home front 
Time Magazine news article
Text Only Article 



Be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster – Protect your lungs and life with the Xcaper Emergency Mask. This simple to use filter mask will help you survive

  • High Rise Building
  • Work Environment
  • Medical Building
  • Subway
  • Train
  • House
  • Boat
  • Cruises
  • Campus or Dormitory
  • Wildland Fires
  • Hyper Sensitivity Protection
  • Radioactive Particles Filtration
  • Airplane
  • 5 Year shelf life, last for hours. One size fits all and easy to use and store.
  • Same technology that the professional firefighters and police man use!