The Xcaper filter & mask will protect you from deadly gases & smoke inhalation and will allow you to work under hazardous conditions

  • Structural Overhaul
  • Wildland Fires
  • Arson Investigations
  • Police
  • Swat
  • EMT

On behalf of the Officers and Staff of the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department, I wish to commend  you and your Xcaper Industries for the quality of your Xcaper Filters. 2 years ago, we purchased and issued Manta 30 masks and Xcaper filters for all personnel. Since that time, not a single case of respiratory difficulty has been reported while using the Xcaper system.

-  HAL R. PAGEL - Fire Chief


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Be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster – Protect your lungs and life with the Xcaper Emergency Mask. This simple to use filter mask will help you survive

  • High Rise Building
  • Work Environment
  • Medical Building
  • Subway
  • Train
  • House
  • Boat
  • Cruises
  • Campus or Dormitory
  • Wildland Fires
  • Hyper Sensitivity Protection
  • Radioactive Particles Filtration
  • Airplane
  • 5 Year shelf life, last for hours. One size fits all and easy to use and store.
  • Same technology that the professional firefighters and police man use!