The Xcaper filter & mask will protect you from deadly gases & smoke inhalation and will allow you to work under hazardous conditions

  • Structural Overhaul
  • Wildland Fires
  • Arson Investigations
  • Police
  • Swat
  • EMT

On behalf of the Officers and Staff of the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department, I wish to commend  you and your Xcaper Industries for the quality of your Xcaper Filters. 2 years ago, we purchased and issued Manta 30 masks and Xcaper filters for all personnel. Since that time, not a single case of respiratory difficulty has been reported while using the Xcaper system.

-  HAL R. PAGEL - Fire Chief



Emergency Fire Safety Products for Civilians and Professionals

Xcaper Industries, LLC

Xcaper Industries, LLC develops, manufactures and sells respiratory protection products. Whether it is a life threatening situation or a hazardous work environment, Xcaper’s revolutionary, patented filtration technology provides protection against toxic gases and deadly particulates. Our products are used by professional firefighters and protect the employees of major corporations as well as civilians throughout the world.
In a fire, swirling smoke carries solids along with gas. Usually these particulates are coated with chemicals created by the fire. As smoke enters the airways, it not only chokes off the air supply; it carries the particulates into the mouth, throat, and lungs. Tissues become irritated, lose their ability to absorb oxygen, and ultimately are destroyed. Suffocation and death follow.

Xcaper filtration technology prevents this from occurring by absorbing gases through means of our patented Vapor-Liquid Extraction (VLE) technology. Though VLE is used extensively throughout the chemical industry, our products are the first to apply this technology as a means of personal protection. It works, quite simply, by absorbing toxic gases into a liquid gel. The aqueous gel (a derivative of aloe vera gel) does not dry out during use. Each time the wearer exhales through the filter, water vapor from his exhalant replenishes any moisture lost during inhalation.

For professional firefighters we sell the world’s most effective Air Purifying Respirator (APR). The Xcaper is the only APR used by firefighters that filters out both particulate matter and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Our professional products include the Whiffs Brush Pro mask, Whiffs Manta X 30, Whiffs Manta X 20, and the Whiffs Shroud designed for professional firefighters, wildland firefighters, and structural overhaul. The Tac Air Pro is designed for law enforcement. When used with Xcaper Professional filters (XFPEB2) these masks provide superior respiratory protection. Whiffs Nomex Carry bags are also available for purchase in yellow or black. Each bag will hold a mask and up to 6 filters. ESS Striketeam, ESS X-tricator, and Paulson WEN goggles are also available through the Xcaper Store. All Xcaper products are light-weight for easy deployment in the field while fighting wildland fires or for use during structural overhaul when tired firefighters choose not to carry a heavy SCBA.

Our Civilian products are designed to protect civilians exposed to dangerous situation. The MyXcaper Kit and the Xcaper Emergency Kit contain filters with a 5 year shelf life. Extra Xcaper Flashlights, Xcaper Goggles, Xcaper Whistles, and Smoke Masks can also be purchased. A Wall Unit that holds 2 Xcaper Smoke Masks and 2 Xcaper Goggles is also available at our store.



Be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster – Protect your lungs and life with the Xcaper Emergency Mask. This simple to use filter mask will help you survive

  • High Rise Building
  • Work Environment
  • Medical Building
  • Subway
  • Train
  • House
  • Boat
  • Cruises
  • Campus or Dormitory
  • Wildland Fires
  • Hyper Sensitivity Protection
  • Radioactive Particles Filtration
  • Airplane
  • 5 Year shelf life, last for hours. One size fits all and easy to use and store.
  • Same technology that the professional firefighters and police man use!